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So you've become pretty good at shooting fashion, lingerie, nude, or related subjects and you feel like you have a decent editorial spread on your hands. A great way to gain exposure beyond your standard Instagram followers is to get it run in one of the online magazines or Instagram hubs.

The magazines/hubs all seem to be in different classes. For the first traunch, just simply hashtag your photo and you're in the lottery for being selected for a feature on their Instagram. The next step up are the ones where you need to reach out with a direct message. The third is shooting off an e-mail. Fourth, going to the online portal for the magazine and finding the submission link to push through a full-length editorial. Last is building a relationship with an editor in order to land that coveted spot on Vogue, Playboy, or Treats.

For the purposes of this article, we're focusing on what I'll call "accessible" submission. I haven't been featured in Playboy (yet) so I couldn't tell you how to hit that part of the come up. I can tell you how to get into the online magazines.

I focus specifically on women/fashion lingerie/boudoir-ish style. I'm ignoring fashion magazines (Vogue/Purple/Interview), art magazines (Juxtapoz, Ignant, This Is Colossal) and the rest of it.

The Basics:

  1. Shoot dope shit.
  2. Edit yourself ruthlessly.
  3. Mind the editorial style of the publication you're submitting to.
  4. Submit in the manner they request, don't be a dick by blindly shotgunning these out.

The Master List:

This is a constantly maintained list that I personally use, it will not go stale unless I stop working in photography. It's grouped by publication name and sorted by the number of followers on Instagram. Scrolling right from there will reveal all of the information I have collected regarding contact e-mails, submission URLs, notes regarding submissions and who the people behind the magazines if available.

The Style Guide:

In addition to the Master List above, I've included a visual reference that encompasses the vibe of the listed publications. It's key that you fit into the editorial style of a magazine. That doesn't mean you need to change your style to fit. Just be mindful that if a magazine only publishes black & white that your beautiful Kodak Portra film stock submission isn't going to cut it. There's enough variation out there to find publications that work with your style.

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